What Is A REIT?

Features and benefits of Real Estate Investment Trusts

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What is a

Real Estate Investment Trust?

Walls & Futures is a Real Estate Investment Trust. REITs are property investment companies that are quoted on a stock exchange.

To qualify as a REIT a company must

  • Get at least 75% of profits from property rental
  • Have 75% of its assets involved in the property rental business
  • Pay out 90% of their rental income to investors

In exchange for operating within these fairly strict rules, REITs don’t pay corporation or capital gains tax on their property investments.

The benefits of RIETs for investors

  • Tax transparent
  • Potentially high-yield returns
  • Access to property for minimal outlay
  • low/controlled gearing
  • Portfolio diversification (low correlation two equities and bonds)
  • Liquidity – easy to buy/sell
  • Strong corporate governance



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