We work with local authorities, NHS trusts, housing associations, charities and care providers. We provide tailored housing solutions that encompass funding, design, project management and development.

The growth in the UK population combined with under investment in new homes has put immense pressure on the housing market. Social housing is under greater pressure due to significant cut backs in social care budgets, right to buy and the impact of large scale voluntary transfers of stock to housing associations. There is a lack of capital and in some cases the expertise to invest and develop much needed new homes.

Waiting lists for general needs housing continue to grow pushing increasing numbers of households into costly temporary and the private rented accommodation. This leaves the most vulnerable at risk as this form of housing offers lack of security as it is subject to short term contracts and unpredictable rent rises. 

Improvements in health care and lifestyles is leading to a population living longer, placing yet more demand on housing.  There is a growing need to offer people over 65 viable housing with support and care which would in turn lead them to freeing up larger under-occupied homes for households on waiting lists. 

We offer a range of innovative housing solutions that build capacity and deliver quality homes which meet the needs of vulnerable people within a sustainable funding framework across the following;

Supported Housing

Provision of self-contained and shared accommodation specifically adapted for individuals with a range of needs including learning or physical disabilities and challenging behaviours including autism and mental health needs. It enables users to live as independently as practicable and participate in the community.

Extra care

Housing designed to meet the needs of people aged 55+, enabling them to live independently with on-site care available 24 hours a day. Facilities for residents can include a communal lounge, restaurant/dining room, health and fitness facilities, and hobby and computer rooms. It comes in many built forms including blocks of flats, bungalow estates and retirement villages.

General needs

Applies to general family housing and dwellings for singles and couples. Tenants are those who are able to live independently without any special housing or support requirements. There is a growing homelessness problem and Local Authorities have a statutory duty to ensure that accommodation is available for those with a priority need.

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