Joe McTaggart CEO and Founder of Walls & Futures REIT PLC a NEX Exchange listed property company speaks to Matt Brown about the growth of the company.

Walls & Futures REIT PLC owns and develops UK based residential property with a focus on social housing for vulnerable residents. Walls & Futures are investing in the residential market and providing value to investors via it’s REIT status, with 90% of profits being distributed as dividends to shareholders. McTaggart provides an update on recent acquisitions and why the company is focusing on social housing. Particularly on supported housing.

McTaggart also discusses the rise in the share price since announcing annual results on 30th August. He also updates the plan for 2018 and the raise of additional capital to fund future projects. Via Walls & Futures, investors can gain exposure to the residential property market without the need to buy underlying property , McTaggart comments on how this is helping to democratise the housing market. Finally, McTaggart explains the importance of being part of the Social Stock Exchange and how this is helping attract investors who have an ethical approach to investing.