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Impact investing is where individuals make investments in companies whose intention is to generate a positive, measurable social and/or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

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Impact investing is all about making investments in companies whose intention is to generate a measurable social/environmental impact with a financial return.

How does this differ from traditional investing?

Traditional investing targets financial returns without any, or minimal, consideration for environmental, social or government factors, or their effects.

How do we make a positive social impact?

We address the challenges of specialist UK social housing where users live in institutional settings, residential care homes or other in-patient care or homes that are no longer fit for purpose.

The homes that we create are strategically located and adapted according to individual needs, enabling occupants to live socially inclusive and independent lives. 

 Specially adapted homes typically include the Installation of wet rooms, track-hoist systems, widening doors and ramps for wheelchair access.

How do we measure our impact?

We measure our impact by the number of high-quality homes that we create. Our high-spec homes give people the quality of life they deserve in a place they can call home.

 Local authority commissions continue to support Specialist Supported Housing because it enables residents to live independent and socially inclusive lives.

 Our impact can also be measured by the amount of money that we save on behalf of the government and taxpayers.

 According to Mencap, Specialist Supported Housing saves almost £10,000 per annum when compared to residential care, and £100,000 pa when compared to inpatient care.

 The Homes & Communities Agency (HCA) research found the total benefit of specialist support housing at around £1.6bn.

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