Walls & Futures REIT plc is excited to announce the launch of Pax Homes, a specially designed home that will improve the lives of people with autism and their families.

Pax Homes are an incredible, flexible home designed specifically around the needs of people across the spectrum.

They prioritise wellbeing and independence by considering textures, noise, lighting and balance. Optimal layouts, safety features, durability, accessibility and stunning finishes promote the best possible life with autism.

Initially available as 1 and 2 bedroom homes, they can be configured as individual homes or incorporated into a small development.

In January 2022, The Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee report highlighted the drastic need for specialist housing and care accommodation for people with autism and learning disabilities.

Pax Homes addresses this need, improving lives by solving the expense and shortage of specialist supported housing.

Joe McTaggart, CEO of Walls & Futures REIT plc commented

“Our goal is to improve the lives of people with ASD and their families and to show care providers and policymakers a new paradigm of supported living.

Pax Homes are specially designed around the sensory needs of people with autism, offering a peaceful, functional, stylish and welcoming place to call home.

Pax Homes are built offsite so provide a fast, scalable, low carbon and more sustainable solution than traditional building methods. Homes are ready to move into in months rather than years.”

For more information about Pax Homes please visit Pax Home https://www.mypaxhome.com